One of the beautiful scene views on the Fairfax grounds.

One of the beautiful scene views on the Fairfax grounds.


What DOES the ARRF-P Do?

We are a nonprofit organization that acts to insure the strength of our community and quality of our residence. We serve all residents in meaningful ways- from providing a supportive, beautiful environment to helping residents in financial need.


*Grants and Assistance Program*

Our Family of Caring community cares deeply about helping our Fairfax members in financial need, Through no fault of their own, Fairfax residents may out-live their retirement funds, and don’t always have the blessing of family to lean on. This allows our neighbors to remain in their home, at critical times when skilled nursing may be needed.


*Ownership and Maintenance of Fairfax Nature Preserve

& Resident Computer Room*

This is for the enjoyment of all residents. We stock the lake with fish year-round, and maintain the beauty of the buffer zone between The Fairfax and the neighboring community.  Our computer room allows Fairfax residents the convenience of accessible technology.


*Charitable Giving*

Every year we conduct charitable giving to those who share our service ethos. This helps extend our Family of Caring Community outside the Fairfax. Many of these organizations involve wounded veterans and their families- both on and off Ft. Belvoir.



*Enhancing the lives of our residents*

The Foundation introduces new programs and services every year in support of the Residents’ Council and other resident groups. We also take great pride in recognizing and honoring our many supporters, volunteers, and donors.